“My vision for gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM is to create a platform dedicated to discovering and showcasing the under-represented in our communities”


gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM is a growing digital platform focused on girls, fashion, culture and community. 

We are centred on the local buzzing diversity, creating content and unedited experiences creating real-time purpose. We push to create content that inspires, entertains and has a legacy of impact.

Our focus is to create, share and tell unseen stories that are authentic and true to the culture and communities.

The photos taken are not just images, they are individual moments captured showcasing the increasing changes within community, whilst celebrating it’s original culture and inclusivity.

 - Natalie Worgs, Mother & Founder





Peckham is like HOLLYWOOD this statement was made by Doctor of Peckham. You maybe lucky enough to see Doctor cycling around Peckham in his Jamaican style Click suit.

Starting out in 2015 a fashion story was created entitled gIRL aBOUT pECKHAM. We use our voice for the right conversations, creating campaigns that create change, and opportunities for our community.

In a world were meaning is powerful we stand for Substance over Hype.

I keep hearing the same liners:

“I came back to PECKHAM and nah man it’s changing, I don’t recognise these people, what happened to that shop”

We continue to grow with a print magazine, radio show, local and national community-directed projects providing experiences that shape the future.

Our approach to telling the unseen and unknown stories has carved OUR unique voice, some of our girls captured on camera have featured in Fenty campaigns and on Channel 4 which has attracted TATE MUSEUM, We Are Parable, Livesey Exchange - London Design Festival 2020, Share The Mic UK and more.



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