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Black Love

Communicates the essence of Black Love, the richness, the textures and the beauty, I wanted this collection to encapsulate that through my textiles medium. Upon looking at old photos of my parents, I was inspired by the vibrancy and storytelling each picture evoked and drawn to the fashion and silhouettes that dominated also. 

Black Love is powerful and transcends all complexities attached to it and this was evident in the photos, which painted two Jamaican lovers escaping the odds, navigating their way from a small Caribbean Island to the clashing world of early 2000’s London and thriving nonetheless. The immaculate vibes and vintage feels fueled my urge to create a visual response using sepia and gold tones to enhance my message as well as being a reflection of the gorgeous melanin radiating. 

With these beautiful pictures and my on going love for the celebration of black culture, black stories and black identity, I decided to create a collection of Womenswear Fashion/Jewellery pieces. 

Part 1 of the ‘Black Love’ series and each piece translates the beauty of my heritage and captures my added concept of relationships and intimacy. In my fabric manipulation, I blended tones and layered materials to create parallels within my mixed-media applique and utilised extensive hand-embroidery and embellishments to add to the notion of wealth and of Black Kings & Queens.


I aimed to reflect the dualities within Black Love in sisterhoods, brotherhoods and families that build up the community using my shoot to provide the representation we deserve, and my textile fashion to mould perspectives and enhance the allure. 

Team credits:

Designer/Director - @toni.textures–(Antonia Thompson)Videographer - @megaviisuals(Megami Forrest)Photographer - @itsgenesishee(Genesis Tennison)

Writer - @norakingp(Nora King Prempeh)

Hairstylist - @styledbywasike(LeiaWasike-Ginn)

Makeup artist - @glambyysl(Kayla Eviana)

Models -@syan_natalie(Syan Howell)- @278.tamaraa(Tamara Alcindor)- @adiatu_xox(Adiatu Deen)- @cle0kh(Cleo Khan)- @jessicarosedixon(Jessica Dixon)- @khalil.geo(Khalil Griffith-Elliot)- @kameron.jt(Kameron Taylor)

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