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g.a.p fEST dAY

Title: g.a.p FEST DAY
Date: 17-19 September
Location: PECKHAM
Time: 9pm -11pm

Friday 17th -19th September  2021

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gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM are proud to invite you to the LAUNCH of P’s: The Power of Representation


[Friday 17th September 2021 - London, UK] gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM will be hosting their g.a.p FEST on Sunday 19th September 12 - 7pm GMT. This will be a virtual event which focuses on shedding light on incredible talent within the wider community as well as bringing awareness to gap’s new consultancy programme ‘P's’, showcase and exclusive premiere of their new filmed series ‘tHE fUTURE oF oUR gIRLS’ and the latest release of their second zine 02:The pECKHAM 3000 iSSUE.  


‘gIRLS aBOUT pECKHAM’ is a multifaceted platform that’s primary purpose is to tell the unseen stories of the underrepresented communities with our four multi-corners - community, culture, girls and fashion!