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yet another test title

THE fUTURE oF oUR gIRLS - the aim of the dicussion is to empower our young women, promote non-restricted conversations, and present information that they may know or may not know, such as the grandparent effect.

So far we have spoken with 20 gIRLS with the aim of 50+ the full discussion will be shared as a podcast and video.


Mabinty Taylor

Nicole Bastien-Morris

Lateshia Howell

Millie Arnel

Beata Rose Dero

Jearneen & Tayla

Nadia Fontana

Neide DaCosta - Feio

Antonia Thompson

Diane Johnson (DJ)

Location: Thank you to the Prince of pECKHAM for allowing us to record our series at the local boozer.....

Fiilmed by DAPS

BTS Images by 

Edited by Emily McCallum

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