Created in 2014 as a fashion concept to collaborate with a local fashion boutique located on Rye Lane, sadly within a months the shop was up for closure.

With my mind withholding a piece of BADGAL information the idea was put on the shelf, the changes in the media and how the girls dressed had changed from the original PECKHAM girls that I was familiar with

I remember every morning, this one particular Jamaican woman would walk pass my house taking her child to school, I would hear most of the conversation and boy was it some mix up and jokes but those conversations that wasn’t for me led us to become friends.


You maybe thinking were am I going with this? Well, my point is the women I have met shared a moment with me, allowing me to same each time and in some special cases - news that they haven’t told anyone as yet. Some of the girls have had a lasting effect on me with deep conversations, and the sharing of my mum’s sayings I grew up hearing frequently has been a comfortable to them too. I would never reveal those conversations but they know who they are!!!

Quick question have you ever eavesdropped a convo happening on Rye Lane?


Firstly, they are from all about the once shut gates of Peckham are open as headlines stated PECKHAM is the 11th trendiest place to live in Europe